We are happy to announce that LPT-IT since November 2019 has joined forces with PDC A/S to strengthen our AODB and FIDS solutions and combine our products with PDC’s offerings for airports into a comprehensive suite.

PDC A/S is a Danish software company, that has more than 30 years of experience with development of advanced planning software for airports and airlines.

Please visit us at www.pdc.com to learn more.

Most flexible product range on the market

Our solutions grow with your airport. There is no build or hard coded limits in our programs. All customization is done through tables or scripts and can be changed by the airport’s own IT specialists.

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Extremely fast responsetime

Changings in the input data stream is reflected in all programs within 1 to 2 seconds or even less. This is achieved through the event driven design of all our programs.

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Technical and IT 24/7 support

We can offer a software maintenance support contract 24/7, 365 days a year. This gives you, as airport employee, a good night’s sleep, knowing that your systems are in safe hands.

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VIAS Product Range

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For smaller airports the vias product range together with an economy system is all you need for managing the land side of your airport.

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LPT AIRPORT SOFTWARE has more than 25 years of experience from doing IT solutions for airports.

Why Choose Vias Traffic Info

Vias system offers a flexible and user-friendly system to provide information to passengers in airports.

All solutions are based on an EVENT DRIVEN APPROACH giving a fast and scalable solution, that can be adapted to any size and type of airport.

With Vias you get a system that has no hardcoded parameters. Configuration parameters are stored in properties in a property table and a change in a value is automatically distributed to consumer programs.

In viasFIDS one can do the following operations without restarting any programs and it can be done by a local system manager:

  1. Add or remove a device.
  2. Add or remove a layout on a device
  3. Give the layout a priority and a condition for when it is shown
  4. Define the time for how long a layout is shown in a round robin schedule.
  5. Change layout definition of what fields are shown on the layou
  6. Define or redefine what part of the traffic table should be used

In viasPAS one can do the following operations without restarting any programs and it can be done by a local system manager:

  1. Add, edit or delete phrases
  2. Add edit and delete rules
  3. Add edit or delete the realtions between rules and phrases.

Vias runs on Linux and uses Oracle database. We uses modern coding environments with JAVA, C++, HTML5, XML and JSON.

The vias system is designed by a mix of people with different backgrounds but all with very good coding skills. Some comes with more than 20 years of proven background from working in the IT engine room of large airports. Other comes with experience from working with passenger information systems for railways, where the data change rate is much higher, up to 2000 changings per second.  Other comes from the website creation industry.

LPT specializes in PASSENGER and TRAFFIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS – customized to your specific needs and in close corporation with your in house IT department.

CONTACT US at +45 76740484 or at E-mail: lpt@lpt.dk

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