VIAS AODB covers all aspects of the airport operation

VIAS AODB covers all aspects of the airport operation and it can run in multi airport mode, serving independent airports or a family of airports.

VIAS AODB is in real time contact with all other airport vital systems like slot coordination, AIMS, BHS, Docking, FIDS and AFAS systems assuring on instant exchange of information between 
the different systems.

VIAS AODB is the cross field where all information, manually collected or automatically retrieved, is exchanged between all stakeholders.

The multi airport option gives the possibility for a centralized infrastructure with a common maintenance and support team

  • Online (re)configuration of Database and server parameters are the only limits to grow your airport, no build in limits
  • A true real time event driven solution with response times in the range 1 to 2 seconds
  • Integration with all important airport systems such as AIMS, slot and allocation systems.
  • A system that uses industry standard databases (Oracle) and a choice of exchange data formats between industry standard XML or the more compact JSON format.
  • A centralized monitoring system A system that can interface to type-b messages providers like SITA or ARINC or even receive type b-messages on POP3 e-mails.
  • A pricing model that reflects the size of your airport where you have access to the full package no matter how big or small your airport is.
  • A system capable of informing your different staff groups, where you are in control of the filters used for each group.
  • A state of the art user administration where you define roles and assign users to the roles.
  • A rigid system that only needs reboot in case the servers need to be upgraded for hardware or software change
  • Smooth integration with economy systems

Extras – VIAS AODB

During installation we can deliver onsite skills for tuning and configuration of the solution. Controlled tests of all interface, layouts and devices are carried out based on both parties agreed test protocol.

We deliver consulting services in form of plain counseling or IT infrastructure or development jobs.

We can offer a support and maintenance contract that is scaled to the customer needs – onsite and offsite 24/7

Customers may be part of a scheduled product upgrade program. The updates contain new features, bug fixing etc.

Event driven solution with a small server footprint. Based on the industry standard and reliable Oracle database and programmed in JAVA and C, depending on the task to be solved.
Exchange of data with other systems are done over publish subscribe webservices.

The product can be customized and adapted to fulfil specific airport requirements.

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