viasGATE is used to trigger state of flights in the connected FIDS/AODB.

The viasGATE is a webpage that is used to issue gate commands etc. to flights. The commands could be “Go to Gate”, “Pre-boarding”, “Boarding” or “Gate Closing”.

The webpage contains a number of groups of buttons. The groups and buttons are all configurable through an administration webpage. The groups and buttons can be changed in realtime.

How does it work.

During configuration of the buttons you can define which groups  should be avaible and which buttons should be available under each group

For each button you can define a number of different commands to be issued, for each command you must define a priority and a condition. The condition must be an sql statement that can be evaluated against the database. If the evaluation is true the configured command is executed.

The commands must be an SQL statement that can be issued against the database.

During installation of the page on the terminal it is given the gate ID in a configuration file. This is then used by the software to show which flight is currently assigned to the gate in the connected backend system (FIDS or AODB).

In the example the viasGate web-page is configured to run at the gate 4 counter PC. The system then knows that flight SN3128 is assigned to the gate and that it is delayed to 11:38 local time.

In this case there is defined 6 groups of buttons and under the “boarding” group 4 buttons are defined.

Pressing on of the “Pre-boarding” buttons could enable a text on the monitors telling about how the passengers should react under this preboarding. The text could either be written directly in the SQL command of the button or the SQL command could just contain an update of a state variable for the flight.

Example of a how the viasGate web-page could look like

  • Groups of buttons for different types of operations.
  • Configurable actions, can be changed at any time.
  • The Action depends on set of conditions. As an example: Actions can be diferent for different airlines, or depend on aircraft type etc.
  • Easy to setup and maintain.
  • Possibility for entering user input


During installation we can deliver onsite skills for tuning and configuration of the solution. Controlled tests of all interface, layouts and devices are carried out based on an of both parties agreed test protocol.

We deliver consulting services in form of plain counseling or IT infrastructure or development jobs.

We can offer a support and maintenance contract that is scaled to the customer needs – onsite and offsite 24/7

Customers may be part of a scheduled product upgrade program. The updates contain new features, bug fixing etc.

Event driven solution with a small server footprint. Based on the industry standard and reliable Oracle database and programmed in JAVA and C, depending on the task to be solved.
Exchange of data with other systems are done over publish subscribe webservices.

The product can be customized and adapted to fulfil specific airport requirements.

We are ready to serve you

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