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Flight information to lounge guests are given timely on monitors and only for those destinations for which guests are waiting.

Only personal data that vistors have agreed upon is stored in the solution. Destinations and vistor names are read from the boardingcard.

The solution can be used to inform passengers of the status of their flights. Gate calls can be configured to take the walking distance to the gate into account.

A visitor has the choice to be informed through either SMS, e-mail, PA calls or monitor appearance.

The operator has at all times an overview of who and how many visitors there are in the lounge.

The monitors in the lounge will always show the flights where there are visitors present.

The monitors in the lounge will always show the flights for which there is visitors present on the to of the list.

  • Easy to install
  • No dedicated programming. All configuration is done through parameter setup and definition of conditions.


During installation we can deliver onsite skills for tuning and configuration of the solution. Controlled tests of all interface, layouts and devices are carried out based on an of both parties agreed test protocol.

We deliver consulting services in form of plain counseling or IT infrastructure or development jobs.

We can offer a support and maintenance contract that is scaled to the customer needs – onsite and offsite 24/7

Customers may be part of a scheduled product upgrade program. The updates contain new features, bug fixing etc.

Event driven solution with a small server footprint. Based on the industry standard and reliable Oracle database and programmed in JAVA and C, depending on the task to be solved.
Exchange of data with other systems are done over publish subscribe webservices.

The product can be customized and adapted to fulfil specific airport requirements.

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